What are you doing this summer?

"Intuitively, we know that it is important 

to spend time in solitude. 

 We even start looking forward 

to this strange period of uselessness. 

The discipline of solitude allows us gradually 

to come in touch 

with this hopeful presence 

of God in our lives, and allows us also to taste even now 

the beginnings of the joy and peace that belong 

 to the new heaven and the new earth."

--Henri Nouwen

What are you looking forward to this summer?  As you think of that list, does it all seem to have a purpose, a reason for doing it?  Might you consider "doing" something that is all about "being" but will impact all the rest of your "doing" this summer?  

Solitude allows you to get in touch with your relationship with God, allows you to find hope in God's presence, creates space for you to recognize what joy and peace look like again.  God is ready to spend some time with you this summer.  Might you join Him?  Might you find God in what, to some, seems like an unproductive, useless day? It might be the best thing you "do" all summer.

Joan Kelley